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Age-Related Changes

   Aging is a customary aspect of human development that is predestined to happen to all beings. It is an inevitable human occurrence that is bound to happen as humans progress in age. However, assignment help Canada shows that the aging process is distinctively unique to each individual as it’s influenced by a combination of […]

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safety in telecom

   I need following  what is the safety and health hazard related to the telecom sector  (eg electrical work, work at height, lifting operation and microwave)? what is the role and responsibility of a safety officer in the telecom company? How does the safety officer evaluate hazards, control measures, and develop a telecom company safety

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Week 16 Discussion — Recap For your initial post, discuss the topics in the list below. Write a couple of sentences for each.  Attached is the thesis used. Q1. Why did you think it was important to study/research this topic or conduct this project? Q2. What are other studies in your literature review suggesting about this topic?

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Drones and Mobile Computers

Week 12 Discussion – Drones and Mobile Computers For your initial post, select and discuss two topics below. Respond to posts from other students who have chosen different topics. Drones and Computers that are Mobile Describe possible legal legal and liability challenges related to Civilian Drones, Driverless Cars, and Autonomous Robots.  Is it right to hold software designers

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Protection of Intellectual Property

Week 11 Discussion – Protection of Intellectual Property For your initial post, discuss the two topics below. Respond to posts from other students. Protection of Intellectual Property: Describe the possible effects 3-D printing may have on Copyright and Patent.   How might pirated 3-D digital designs affect future innovation? Explain how 3-D printing of biological DNA and replacement organs in

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Supply Chain Security

Week 7 Discussion – Supply Chain Security For your initial post,  discuss topics below. Respond to posts for other students topics. Supply Chain Security: Describe roles and responsibilities within an organization that help assure proper security when purchasing hardware, software, and network equipment from external suppliers.  What types of cybersecurity vulnerabilities can a supplier of computer services introduce into a

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Motivations of Threat Actors

For your initial post, discuss all points in the two topics below. Respond to posts from other students. Motivations of Threat Actors – Analyze motivations to threat actors that can be influenced by (1) Patriotism or Regional Hegemony, (2) widespread national economic poverty, and (3) world view as a political or social activist.  What kinds of targets do each

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Week 8

Choose one of this course’s substantive weekly topics, then explain how and why the current cybersecurity-related statutes, regulations and policies related to your chosen topic developed as they did.  Based on what you have learned in this course, offer your observations as to whether these laws and policies should change to better fit the cybersecurity

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Week 7

Judge the efficiencies (or lack thereof) of the current regulatory and policy net neutrality system that affects Americans usage of the internet.  You will evaluate net neutrality through the lens of comparing and contrasting at least two such legal authorities. 

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Week 6

Assume that you are the chief legal administrator for a hypothetical law firm that is considering accepting cryptocurrencies from its clients for the legal services that it renders.  The senior law firm partner has asked you to design and explain a proposed procedural checklist / outline that addresses how the law firm may be able

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