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alerts pros and cons

  Alerts can be very helpful in letting users know that an action has been completed. However, alerts can also be distracting or irritating when they are used too frequently or provided in instances where it is already clear what action has occurred. Do an Internet search on the pros and cons of alert boxes […]

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Letter of Recommendations

Hi  Attached is the sample of Letter of recommendation  Please write about it accordingly  1. Write about author :AUTHOR WILL BE professor David Kimble I will give links about his Biography write accordingly or you can use your own search engines about him to write it. 2 . How the Author knows the Applicant :

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Perimeter defense techniques Evaluate the types of assessments, select one that you might use, and explain why it is important. Of the top eight areas to research when conducting an assessment, select no less than three and explain how one should approach the research and why it should be approached that way. Active Assessment Passive

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internet tabs

There is some debate about which is most appropriate. Do an Internet search on opening links in the same browser and then opening links in a new tab and see what you find. Based on what you learned, share in the discussion which side you are on. Should the link open in the current window

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Database and coding

  Attached two files , one for the data you will work on in excel file and file discription for the data in PDF As a data scientist please study the data and answer the following questions  1- what is the primerly diagnosis ? 2- What potential risk factors were there? 3- Make a statistical

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sorting problems

  Your job is to: 1) implement the one algorithm in these files that is not already implemented (merge sort), 2) Tell me in a comment in your code three things: what the runtime of this algorithm is whether it is “destructive” whether it is “in-place” 3) submit timing data along with your code to

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Project Peer Feedback

  Prepare the peer’s presentation topic by finding and reviewing the Internet resources and documents about the topic that you are assigned to review. Prepare for your feedback and questions that you will raise throughout the presentation.  provide feedback to your peer.   Ask your questions, critique the presentation, and make your contributions to the presentation.

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