Signature Assignment

 Good Morning, I need the following assignment completed by Friday….Thanks!

Signature Assignment (Initial and Final): you will receive feedback on your initial signature assignment submission and then are to incorporate the feedback into your final signature assignment submission.

Using Koehn, N. (2010) Leadership in Crises: Ernest Shackleton and the epic voyage of the Endurance. Harvard Business School as a case study, conduct an ethical leadership analysis that must be concise (2,500 words required but no more than 2,750 words). Note: the title page and references do not count towards your minimum word count. Integrate at least ten relevant outside scholarly resources written within the last five years and effectively integrates them into their analysis.

Note: please do not re-tell the story from the case study in your paper.

The assignment is to analyze the case study. Pay particular attention to the required four areas for the paper.

Include the following in your analysis (note: each of the below 4 areas are required to represent 25% of your paper’s length):
1) Identify Shackleton’s cultural-historical context, leadership style, character, virtues, vices, worldview and ethical decision-making style during the Endurance Expedition. Additionally, what was the ethical climate of the Endurance team like and how did that impact the mission? (25% of paper)
2) How do the results of your analysis of Shackleton and his team conflict or agree with your ideas of good or successful ethical leadership and decision making needed for organization? (25% of paper)
3) Imagine you were leading the Endurance Expedition. Describe how you would incorporate what you have learned about ethical leadership and decision making in this course (and outside of this course) during the mission. Hypothesize how your actions would impact the mission. (25% of paper)
4) What have you learned from this case study to aid your own ethical decision making and leadership? (25% of paper)