Quantitative Research Article Critique


Select an article, from a refereed or scholarly journal, identify the major components of the article, and assess whether the authors have clearly described and supported each element. Chosen articles must be relevant both to the course and social work discipline and less than 10 years old. The four rubric headings and subheadings in each subheading is a MUST. You must attach the critiqued article.

1. Statement of the Problem 

identifies clearly and thoroughly:

i. Research topic

ii. Research problem

iii. Research question(s) and hypotheses

2. Review of the Literature 

clearly identifies how the literature justifies the problem and leads to the research question(s)

3. Methods

clearly identifies each methodology section and comments on potential strengths/weaknesses of

the sections and whether they are appropriate to quantitative methods

4. Results and Discussion/Conclusions

correctly identify sections and explain how results and conclusions are accurate and justifiable.  Identified whether hypothesis (hypotheses) was accepted or rejected.