LA Confidential

View the film, “LA Confidential” and answer the following question.  A minimum of 200 words.



Officers will at some point in their careers encounter situations where the good ends cannot be achieved by legal ends. If they break the law to pursue good ends, they will have corrupted themselves by breaking the law they were sworn to uphold. Passionate officers are those so committed to good ends that they ignore just means. The three protagonists are LAPD officers. Edmund Exley is a “straight arrow” who informs on other officers in a police brutality scandal. He’s a politician and a ladder-climber first-and-foremost. This earns the antagonism of Wendell “Bud” White, an intimidating enforcer with a personal fixation on men who abuse women. Between the two of them is Jack Vincennes, who acts as more of a celebrity than a cop who is a technical advisor on a police television show called Badge of Honor (similar to the real life show Dragnet) and provides tips to a scandal magazine. What moral dilemmas do you see develop in the film? Identify each character’s passions and how should they be tempered with a real perspective?