Read the example Argument. When you are finished, answer the following questions in your initial posting:

1. What is the thesis? 

2. What are the main reasons (sub-claims) the writer argues in support of the thesis?  You should be able to know each of them by the first sentence of the body paragraphs.

3. What are the main reason the writer uses against the thesis?

4. Which paragraph challenges the reason against the thesis?  And, how well did the author do in arguing against that reason?

5. Finally, using the example pattern, outline a Classical Argument for this thesis:  College should be free.

The outline will follow this pattern.

A) Write the thesis — should be one sentence

B) Write the first reason in support of the thesis  — should be one sentence

C) Write the second reason in support of the thesis — should be one sentence

D) Write one reason against the thesis  — should be one sentence

E) Write an explanation about why the reason is given in (D) is wrong — should be a couple of sentences.