Health policy article and letter assignment

Health Policy Article and Letter Assignment Instructions

These instructions cover the article and letter due in weeks 2 and 6.  You will address an issue related to a specific legislative policy that affects healthcare in a written article that follows current APA format that you would follow for a paper. Then, you will use your findings to compose a letter that you could send to a legislator. The article must include the following:

· Description of the legislative policy with a negative or positive impact on healthcare or public health

· Explanation of why the policy is harmful or helpful to healthcare and ultimately to the delivery of quality patient care

· Impact of the policy from a cost perspective

· Recommendation(s) for policy revision or replacement

The article must be 400–500 words, cite at least 2 peer-reviewed journal articles for support, integrate a biblical worldview, and follow current APA format. The article you write in weeks 2 and 6 must address a different legislative policy.

In addition to the article, you will compose a letter for those concerned about the issue addressed in the article to personalize and send to the appropriate legislator(s). The letter must outline the issue and recommendation(s) for policy revision or replacement and seek the endorsement of the legislator(s). The letter must be 200–250 words and follow current APA format contained after the reference page.