Forum: Athens and Sparta

Based on your readings in this module, answer the following questions.

(1) What were the primary politicaldifferences that emerged between the city states of Sparta and Athens? (2) In your opinion, which individual (among ALL Greeks) made the most important contribution to Greek politics? Why do you feel that way? (3) In your opinion, which individual (among ALL Greeks) made the most important contribution to Greek culture? Why do you feel that way?

In your response, you must explain your reasons, citing specific examples (points and arguments, not simply quotes) from the readings. 

Please note that you are free to consult sources other than the class textbook. 

REMEMBER: When writing your post, you must follow the guidelines that are outlined in the “Rubric” and under “Discussion Forum: How to Do It,” both of which are found under the Discussion Forum module.

The Discussion Rubric

What is a Rubric?

rubric is simply defined as a set of criteria used to evaluate your work in this class.  These rubrics are, in fact, scoring tools that identify the various criteria relevant to an assignment and the course learning outcomes.  There are learning outcomes for this course – articulated by the History Department and by BRCC’s General Education Committee (please refer to the syllabus for those learning outcomes).  These rubrics explicitly state the possible levels of achievement along a continuum, for example, “poor to excellent.”

I post these rubrics here for your review in order to clearly communicate expectations of your work, and I use them to evaluate your work for fair, objective, and efficient grading.  By reviewing the learning standards in these rubrics, you will become more aware of performance markers needed to earn high marks.

In more practical terms, for each discussion forum, you will be asked to respond to a question(s) to discuss substantively with your classmates. The questions and issues for discussion will be based on your weekly readings. Please click on this rubric 

Download this rubric to understand precisely how you will be graded on the discussion forum.