Faculty In-Service Presentation


For this assignment, imagine that you are a first-year school counselor who has the opportunity to promote the college- and career-going culture of your school. Refer to the media activity, Blooming Park: College and Career Readiness (linked in Resources) for the information you will need to complete this assignment. Note: Choose one Blooming Park school—the elementary, middle, or high school.

During a meeting with your principal, you reviewed school data and the results from a recent needs assessment that clearly identified a lack of knowledge, collaboration, and stakeholder support related to college and career readiness. Based on the assessment data and your role as a school counselor, you immediately recognized the need for increased consultation with colleagues to promote equity in college access and career readiness for all students. Your principal enthusiastically agreed to give you 15 minutes to present during an upcoming faculty in-service. As a school counselor, you are excited to teach your colleagues about career development theory and models of P–12 comprehensive career development to promote the college and career going culture of your school!

Develop a PowerPoint presentation to disseminate essential college- and career-readiness information to your faculty colleagues. While planning your presentation, keep your audience in mind—your colleagues have been trained as educators rather than school counselors. It is important for your presentation to convey your mastery of the subject matter while presenting it in a way that would be easily understood by your colleagues who are not experts in the field.