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Capital Project Successes and Failures

1. For your first topic in this discussion, briefly review from either your personal experiences and/or research an actual capital project/product success and the reasons attributed to the success. This can be a new product line, additional locations, new facilities, or any other expansion project. Please briefly describe the project, the pertinent company and demographic information, and what made this a success financially and operationally.

2. Now, flip that coin, and discuss a product or project flop. There are many available in a web search, or you can discuss any product/business failures you are personally familiar with. Again, briefly describe the product/project, the pertinent company and demographic information, and what made factors contributed to this failure?

3. Discuss generally and specifically to these examples what factors contribute to the success of capital projects, expansions, or new product development?

In your responses to other students, further discuss their examples, compare to your findings, and provide additional commentary as to what contributes to the success or failure of capital projects.