• Review the textbook section on workplace violence and examine how media may influence your personal perception of violence.
  • Look through the Bureau of Justice statistics on mass violence, being mindful of the reality of crime vs. public viewpoints.
  • Review the article on media consumption and public perspectives toward crime and justice focusing on how our perceptions influence police response to crime.
  • Examine the case studies for both the Bath, Michigan, disaster and the Columbine shootings from this week’s resources and contemplate the differences between the two school attacks in regards to modality, demographics, planning, and media coverage.

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By Day 3

Post by Day 3 a response to the following:

  • How does the media shape society’s viewpoint of mass violence?
    • What are the similarities and differences between the two school disasters with regard to the mindset of the attackers?
    • Are school children safer now than they were then? Explain your answer.
    • Is media overstating school violence or creating copycat events? Why, or why not?
  • Does media contribute to stereotypes of crime? Explain your rationale.
  • How has the explosion of social media and 24-hour news coverage impacted our perceptions of violence vs. the impact of more traditional radio and television news coverage? Provide an example.