The Allied Group is considering two investments. The first investment involves a packaging machine, which can be used to package garments for shipping orders to customers. The second possible investment would be a molding machine that would be used to mold the mannequin parts. The first possible investment is the packaging machine, which will cost […]

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Athletics and the Law

After reading the attachment.  Name your firm and create a brief introduction to it which would appear in the About Us section of your company website. Create a SWOT analysis of the Dolphins’ athletic department. Prepare an assessment for presentation to the board of directors that covers the following laws: ADA Title VII Title IX

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Instructions The Allied Group intends to expand the company’s operation by making significant investments in several opportunities available to the group. Accordingly, the group has identified a need for additional financing in preferred and new common stock and new bond issues. The (Krf) risk-free rate for the company is 7%, and the appropriate tax rate

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Law and IT

1) What are some recommendations on ways that law enforcement can increase its effective and impactful use of technologies and information to keep citizens safer? 2)  Do most law agency funding sources (police departments) consider IT to be a commodity or a critical business necessity? 3) Why is it important to invest in IT staff

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Law Enforcement

1) What is the background and history of the NYPD? (New York Police Department) Ex: When it was established, By whom etc… 2) What is the OMAP’s (Office of Management Analysis and Planning) part in the NYPD? 3) Why is OMAP so important?

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  Watch the Ted talk: Dylan Marron, Empathy is Not Endorsement Watch the Ted talk: Sally Kohn, What Can We Do About the Culture of Hate Watch the Ted talk: Suzanne Barakat, Islamophobia Killed My Brother. Let’s End the Hate. Brainstorm solutions to the current hate crisis in the U.S.


week10 disc

need for Future Research For this assignment, suggest several ideas for future research that will build upon the lessons learned in your study. Explain why future research in your research area will be worthwhile and what you expect future researchers may find. Keep in mind the limitations that you have identified in the Week 9 Discussion as

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Business law

 a. Has the explosion of e-commerce altered the way legally binding contracts are formed? Compare and contrast traditional contract formation with those entered into electronically. b. What is involved in an assignment of rights and a delegation of duties? c. What is the nature of and the need for a social media policy?

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Business law

   a. Identify the sources of American Law and discuss how each impacts the business environment. b. If disputes arise in a business relationship how are they resolved? Discuss the role of the Judiciary and other methods of dispute resolution. c. Explain the Constitutional rights of a corporation? d. What is the objective of piercing

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