June 26, 2022


Please answer each question separately and number your responses.  Each question should be answered in 1 – 2 well-developed paragraphs.  Please utilize and reference weekly materials […]
June 22, 2022

US History Since 1877

 Please provide a short to medium answer for this questions: 1 – The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands authorized by congress in March 1865. […]
June 20, 2022


  Look up the myth or misconception below concerning the “Vanishing Indian” and explain in your speech why you think the myth rather than the reality […]
June 19, 2022

public administration

I need (1) page EACH ACT to be written with an analysis. In the analysis the following question has to be answered:  Provide the history of […]
June 16, 2022

Photography Discussion 1

The impact the daguerreotype had on the middle class cannot be overstated.  Before the nineteenth century only the wealthy had the means to commemorate their likeness. […]
June 16, 2022

compare and contrast black lives matter and Grimke sisters

Use references from sources utilized in this class whenever feasible to support your claims. Your post should show that you read, thought about, and connected the […]
June 16, 2022


  In 1976, the mutilated body of Anna  Mae Aquash,  an American Indian Activist,  was found on a South Dakota Ranch.  It will take more than […]
June 13, 2022

Google Slide Research (history)

you pick a miniroty group below: 1. Women 2. Native Americans 3. Latino Americans 4. Americans With Disabiltys 5. The LGBT community  Once you have chosen […]
June 13, 2022

History- Century 19th

*Need it as soon as possible* LESS THAN FOUR HOURS As the societies across the world were becoming global  with reference to contact with other societies, cultures […]
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