July 18, 2022


  Davis (2008) explains the reasons for a preamble to “state the reasons for having a code, explain who is covered and why, and present a […]
May 23, 2022

WK 7-2

 Are you the member of a professional organization? Discuss the benefits of becoming a member of a professional organization? Explore one to two professional organizations that […]
April 30, 2022


 Letters of recommendation are often requested by potential employers. Before you begin to apply for jobs, you will need to be sure you have some individuals […]
April 30, 2022


 Research studies should include a presentation of limitations or flaws or shortcoming of the study. This transparency allows the data to be interpreted correctly by the […]
April 30, 2022

Reply 3-1 MP

Reply to:  When a researcher decides to conduct research, it requires the advantage of the research that has been accumulated in the past. Any research cannot […]
April 24, 2022

Rely 2-2 RK under JG

Reply to:  Replies to Juan Gallegos Hello, thank you for sharing the information that you found to be most relevant while studying the APA style and […]
April 21, 2022

Reply 1-1 JG

Reply to:   Scholars or specialists within that specific field write scholarly journals to collaborate with other researchers or professionals in that subject or area. These […]
April 14, 2022

Reply WK 1-1 BG

Reply to:   A clear purpose of the research should serve as the primary factor in building up a research, followed by accuracy, reliability, and credibility (Dunn […]
April 14, 2022

Reply 1-1 MP

  Some of the most important factors to consider in the evaluation of research include:  Credibility and quality of the information sources. For quality research to […]
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