July 15, 2022

Written Assignment

An excel workbook of statistical analysis has already been created from a dataset. You don’t need to work on any calculations, just answer the following questions […]
May 25, 2022

Individual Written Assignment

How do statistics and analytics help businesses make better decisions? 1. Research on the applications of statistics and analytics in different industries, e.g. e-commerce, finance, education, […]
May 25, 2022

data analytics

 Conduct a literature review of big data handling approaches in smart cities including techniques, algorithms, and architectures.You are to review the literature on smart cities and […]
May 20, 2022

Statistics | Confidence Intervals

1. Beth’s Butter Works has test marketed their new low-fat butter substitute with two different styles of packaging. They are trying to estimate the sales of […]
April 17, 2022

Power BI Homework

Description:  The model dataset is a list of movie / series titles from Netlix (netflix_titles.csv), which is stored in the same folder as this file.  Dataset […]
April 8, 2022

Data Visualisation Software

Hi, I need help with my Data Analytics assessment. Need to create 14 PowerPoint slides to describe and explain what has been asked in the assessment […]
March 18, 2022

6 tools for data analysis

  What are two significant technical trends you learned about during the video? How will managing data impact your work? After viewing the video do you […]
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