Unit 3 – Individual Project

 Description Healing Hands Hospital is preparing for an accreditation visit from The Joint Commission. (TJC). TJC accredits health care organizations to improve the quality and safety of health care services. Their Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals  (CAMH) includes the following standards and regulations: Patient-Focused Functions such as infection prevention and control; medication management; provision of […]

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  Assignment Details While assisting the accounting department with completing the current year’s financial statements, you have been asked to review a list of contingent liabilities. Explain how you, as a manager, would review the list of contingent liabilities and determine their probability. Discuss with your classmates other ways of determining the probability.



  Differentiate between prospective and retrospective cohort studies. Illustrate when each of these cohort studies should be used in research and address the strengths and weaknesses of them both.   Resources LaMorte, W.W. (2016, July 12). Prospective and retrospective cohort studies. Retrieved from 

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Description of Organization Core Business Mission  Values/Philosophy Objectives Reason for Developing Briefly explain why your organization wants to develop a new ADHC/CBAS center and how developing and operating an ADHC/CBAS center fits with your organization’s core business, mission, values/philosophy, objectives and population(s) served. Identified Need  Briefly explain the need for a CBAS center in the

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Chapter 13 Global Corporate Citizenship Stakeholders & Public Policy Concerns: Ethics, AI, and Tech Coeckelbergh: AI & Responsibility: AI & Health Care: Ethics vs Compliance – (i.e., COVID response):

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CAse Study

   This case study is focused on how 2 different companies use total rewards to support the organization’s missions and values and achieve strategic outcomes.  Select only 1 of the companies as the basis for your case study response. (This is not meant to be a comparison of the companies, but an exploration of how

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Question 3

1.  On a systemic level, consider whether the practice of issuing earnings forecasts is good, bad, or indifferent.  Is the practice of issuing earnings forecasts a socially beneficial one? Should the practice be encouraged, required, discouraged, or prohibited? Does the practice encourage deception or manipulation? 2. consider whether the corporate decision to issue an earnings

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  Capital budgeting is the process by which long-term fixed assets are evaluated and possibly selected or rejected for investment purposes. The purpose of capital budgeting is to evaluate potential projects for possible investment by the firm.  Address one of the following prompts in a brief but thorough manner. What are the various methods for

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Video Game Companies

Looking to bring your video game project to life in the bustling hub of creativity that is New York? Look no further. In a city teeming with talent and innovation, finding the right partner for your gaming endeavor can be a daunting task. Fortunately, a comprehensive list compiled by Kevuru Games offers a roadmap to

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