December 5, 2022

Honda, Corporate Social Responsibility

conduct an in-depth study of a multi-national corporation and their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and create a power-point presentation with voice-narration.  Please include the following […]
December 4, 2022


Three Advantages and Disadvantages – 5 slides on a power point topic: Bar-Code Scanning in nursing  Patient’s perspective (e.g., patient outcomes, safety, patient/family satisfaction) Nurse’s perspective […]
November 28, 2022


In thinking about the clinical application of phylogenetics, discuss the role of phylogenetics in these areas. Predictions of drug resistance Identifying the origin of an outbreak […]
November 16, 2022


Anticoagulants interfere with the body’s normal blood clotting ability.  We have discussed hemostasis in class, so now you have the chance to learn more about factors […]
November 11, 2022

The disease can be Hepatitis B or Tuberculosis

Congress education and Grant Funding Premise: You are a Scientist looking for research funding for your favorite disease.  You need to educate Congress and secure funding […]
November 10, 2022

Consider pros and cons of a decision

To complete my project, I must consider the pros and cons of enjoying Happy Wheels. Can somebody assist me? This is unlike any other online racing […]
November 9, 2022

research final: abortion

Remember- we need to centrally focus on a biological question. This seems political to me? If you want to do research on abortion then maybe look […]
November 9, 2022

Biomedical Ethics

   Objective: The students will complete a Case study tasks that contribute the opportunity to produce and apply the thoughts learned in this and previous coursework […]
November 6, 2022


Required to write a five-paragraph on the topic outlined below. It must be type‐written and printed in a legible typeface. A 22 year old male patient […]
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