October 12, 2022


You have to make observation and take data on the Full moon day. If weather is not good at that that day, you can do it […]
July 14, 2022

Module 2 Lab #7: Stellar Evolution

How to use exec to do the math work in this lab?   Learning Objective: To study the life cycles and deaths of stars with a […]
April 24, 2022


Please answer these questions with a small easy answer nothing complicated.(PLEASE MAKE IT EASY AND SHORT) (VIDEO) https://vodp.ccctechconnect.org/u_8845/cccv_116076_8845_Mod3_Activity_1_supplemental.mp4?Expires=1650835070&Signature=gtM2vnClojLtBKL4o6W-f39g1avUqMJVJxgfTAzVaUzuBNS9djODXW~wNZUg7c34UX6XBef9dVhX6pZ6teK6lFjgJZqvpb6MAWVjsRUikRzc3HSz4cc-TDk46XTHAtY6TL6xKrhHyPBs5u6BeLDo6q~bTPbj1cXB52OTLJ49cJCgvYkhierZQ06g2fYmvb8OE-40i5xZtKHOuA59wHqQz3FmZyZurtC76SOIYCSXsuy0ouN8tufudbiKu2a1r5jlfCdSwcvZNeHsGoxnqSBlxCGVGIp8dwQpu1bO8YPusrd6sqEoiGIWKIU5M4uy7BnLZNOwo83fhhxwuhJ1YGvahA__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAIR7VYIEITVMHBTJQ Now set parameters for Mars and click OK. […]
April 21, 2022

Milky Way Project – Astronomy

  For This Assignment First, read the article: Milky Way’s black hole flared 2 million years ago. Next, research supermassive black holes Go online and research […]
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