November 22, 2022

APRN Practice Rules Assignment

Description:  The CPA is a document designed to fulfill the state requirements. It describes and defines the specific components and parameters related to the rules and […]
November 6, 2022

week 6 clinical

Powerpoint on COPD Length: 10-12 slides in length (excluding title and reference slides, with a maximum recording length of 20 minutes) Citations: At least three high-level […]
November 6, 2022

week 8

Mr. Smith is a 65 year old male that is accompanied by his wife to your clinic. He is following up after an ER visit for […]
October 25, 2022

Caring Theoretical Model or Evidence-Based Practice

  Describe a caring theoretical model and how it can systematically be applied to the day-to-day practice of advanced nurses. OR Explain how the advanced practice […]
October 23, 2022

Week 1

Discuss how providers can promote equitable care and employ strategies to avoid bias when caring for patients with chronic illnesses. Length: A minimum of 250 words, […]
October 1, 2022

Week 6

Include an overview of the health problem identified, an in-depth review of the associated anatomy and physiology, differential diagnosis, an overview of treatment methodologies, and information […]
September 30, 2022

Week 7

 What are the main pathogens that cause pneumonia? How would the treatment for pneumonia in a 23 year-old otherwise healthy patient possibly differ from a 66 […]
August 28, 2022

Week 4 clinical

How did telemedicine change the access of care to the patient being cared for?ResourcesMedicare Fact Sheet: Implications: Length: A minimum of 250 words, not including references […]
August 28, 2022

Week 2 Assignment

A 6-month-old male patient presents to your clinic with his mother. The mother’s chief complaint is that the baby has had a fever and diarrhea for […]
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