November 13, 2022

Anatomy and Physiology I

  1.- Please name the characteristics of the three types of muscles. 2.- Please explain the following characteristics in a muscle: Excitability, Contractility, Extensibility, Elasticity. 3.- […]
October 25, 2022

W4: Diet and Nutrition

 The term “diet” has multiple meanings, and the biological definition is different from the common social definition.  This week you will assess what “diet” means and […]
September 18, 2022

Respiratory Tract Discussion x2

Respiration, Nutrition, and Excretion. RESPIRATORY TRACT, VENTILATION, GAS EXCHANGE AND TRANSPORT. Compose 400 words or more discussion to respond the following: What are the overall functions of […]
September 15, 2022

Due in an hour. Anatomy analyst

Jennie was in a motorcycle accident and sustained several injuries. Among them are: A. Torn ligaments in her left cervical and left axillary regions B. Skin […]
September 7, 2022

400 words Discussion

Discussion 1 CHAPTER : HEART. CAHPTER : BLOOD VESSELS. Compose 400 words or more discussion to respond the following: In anatomical term, where is the heart located? […]
September 7, 2022

Anatomy and Physiology Discussion 4,5,6

  Discussion 4 88 unread replies.3535 replies. UNIT 4: TRANSPORTATION AND DEFENSE. CHAPTER 27. BLOOD Compose 400 words or more discussion to respond the following: Name […]
September 5, 2022

hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

  Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is most commonly known for treating the discomfort associated with menopause. However, more broadly, HRT is any form of hormone therapy […]
September 3, 2022

anatomy- Special Senses

  All of your answers should be written in your own words, using full sentences, correct terminology, and proper spelling and grammar. Explain the anatomical concepts […]
August 29, 2022


  Vertigo often presents as dizziness, which can have many causes. In this discussion, we will examine causes and their related anatomy and physiology. Within the […]
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